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Innovators are learners. This page will guide you to some of the valuable resources that Idea Connection Systems has created and recommends.


The Invisible Element, A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation

 Robert B. Rosenfeld and Gary J. Wilhelmi (with Andrew Harrison)

In The Invisible Element, Robert “Bob” Rosenfeld and Gary Wilhelmi share their 80-plus years of experience as innovation leaders and practitioners. The book lays out practical points and applicable insights for how people can make innovation happen inside their organization.

Innovation is made up of business, technical, and human elements. Because it is often invisible, the human element is the least understood and hardest to grasp. The Invisible Element explains the principles behind creating a sustainable culture of innovation and provides a practical guide for their implementation.





Making the Invisible Visible, The Human Principles for Sustaining Innovation

Robert B. Rosenfeld (with John Kolstoe)

Organizations need innovation like plants need water; without it, they will die. Great innovations are always the result of blending the right technology, the right business model, and the right people. But in the end, it always comes back to the people.





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Len Hixon

In my 25 years of mechanical design experience in the electronic, medical, automotive, and textile industries, Phil Donihe has been the most accomplished and knowledgeable person I have ever worked with on Technology Development and Robust Design projects. Phil is a master in the field of solving complex design challenges and determining the most expedited path to a robust design. He is a pleasure to work with and a true team player, keeping all parties informed and engaged in every phase of development.

Jerry Griswold

I have been extremely excited with the results we achieved during our sessions with Innovekt. We certainly would not have arrived at this point in our business without your assistance.

Mike Standish

Phil Donihe’s extensive experience, command of the strategic process, and structured approach to leading our team through the process has been invaluable.  Innovekt led our organization to a powerful common ground where we now have clear direction and are excited about our future.

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